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Doodling Iroh

Doodling Iroh

Sherlock and John playing Operation and John being the best and winning everytime. Sherlock sulking and not talking for days after the match.

Doodling during the lesson is the way I roll


things Sherlock normally doesn’t do but did for John [x]

You ever suck on a hard candy until it gets sharp and then accidentally stab yourself with it? That is this gif set. 

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Whenever you feel sad, remember that John and Sherlock loved so much spending time with each other that they played games together.

So in “Redbeard,” as it’s formed on the soundtrack album, you actually hear in the distance the Watson chords on brass as Sherlock is ascending the staircase because it’s really John… it’s the connection with John that’s giving him the motivation to recover from that situation, so that’s one of the first times really that I can remember, I’m sure I’ll be wrong, where we’ve actively been using the Watson’s chords in a different orchestration.

—Micheal Price, composer of BBC’s Sherlock in his interview with Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz)

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sherlock not having slept for three days and accidentally calling john ‘captain’